Tired McSleepystein (qedrakmar) wrote,
Tired McSleepystein

Quick update:

New Job: Awesome. I'm working as an Engineer supporting the Applogic Grid OS. I've been there a week, and we've already had one party to celebrate how awesome the company is. Excellent product, Excellent people, and it actually feels like what I do matters. Compared to Playhut where the people I worked with were the primary redeeming quality (besides getting to play games at work)... huge step up.

New Weather: It's actually cool and rainy here. Reminds me of Worcester in the fall. I never thought I'd see it here...

New DS: I bought a Nintendo DS. Now I can play Hoshigami in bed. :)

New Pants: Because other than the above, things haven't changed a lot around here. We did thanksgiving with strixluna's clan, which was nice. Xmas is coming (go Chris!), New Year's is coming, and I keep forgetting to call my sister.

Life in a couple paragraphs. And you people wonder why haven't heard from me? :)
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