I'm home

13 hours of sleep? check.

I never want to spend 16 hours air-traveling ever again. At least not with 2 layovers and a total of 5 hours sitting in a plane waiting to take off (30 minutes, 90 minutes, and 3 hours, respectively). Left at 4 AM Eastern, got home about 5 PM Pacific.

To everyone I didn't get to see? Sorry... it was almost all family (and a wedding) this time around. Hopefully next time I'll be able to come back just to spend some time with folks.

Now, I have a few days to recover...
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Okay, current time line stands as:

Wednesday: Flying
Thursday: Family
Friday: Family
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: Family
Monday: Family

This leaves Monday night available for dinner with me (and maybe my sister, depending on when she goes back) and Tuesday, but not too late because our flight out is Wednesday morning at 6am, and we need to return the car about 4am.

So... that's the plan.

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So, those of you who know me, know I'm about as into Nascar as The Queen is into MMA, so I'm not usually drawn in by the Speed channel.

Still, I highly recommend "101 Cars You Must Drive".

To answer questions:

A) 5.4
B) I'm fine, but almost had a whiteboard fall on me.
C) The epicenter was about 2 miles away (and 8.5 miles underground).

We now return to your normal working day.